And Then There Were Two: Welcoming Your New Baby

Written by Kellie Bates


Posted on July 05 2021

Are you planning to add to your tribe or already pregnant with a new baby?

Introducing another bundle of joy to your family is an exciting time, but also comes with its own unique challenges.

We’ve rounded up some ideas to make it a smoother transition (although we can’t guarantee there won’t be any bumps along the way!).


What to expect when you’re expecting a new baby

Although you’ve been pregnant before, this doesn’t guarantee that your pregnancy will be similar.

Plus, there is already one major difference – you’re running around after another child!

It really is true that time flies with your second pregnancy. You’re often so busy juggling work and the needs of your toddler that you struggle to fill in a pregnancy journal or remember how many weeks you are (compared to your first pregnancy when you could tell people what fruit/vegetable the baby’s size compared to!).

The word ‘tired’ also comes up frequently in conversation with bump number two. Mamas often feel more exhausted during their second pregnancy, as there is less opportunity to rest and add in the physical demands of looking after a child.

Generally, there is also more of a focus afterwards (bringing baby number two home) rather than the actual birth. Parents have to plan for adjustments to home life and prepare their firstborn for the arrival of a sibling.

Preparing number one for number two

A really important part of preparing your child emotionally for a sibling is to help them understand what to expect.

If your firstborn is no longer a baby themselves, then they will likely have a better understanding of what a new baby means. Talk to them about their baby sister or brother and be prepared to answer any questions.

If you’re out and about, point out babies for them to watch and interact with.

There are books about becoming a big brother or sister that you can read to your toddler or give to an older child to read. Some of our favourites are: There’s A House Inside My Mummy by Giles Andreae, Spot’s Baby Sister by Eric Hill and Babies Don’t Eat Pizza by Dianne Danzig.

then there was a new baby

Introducing the new sibling to the new baby

When your older child meets their new baby brother or sister for the first time, it can either be the sweetest moment or end in tears!

Here are some useful tips to help it be a happy first meeting:

  • Introduce the new bub as ‘our baby’ or ‘your baby sister/brother’. This makes them feel included.
  • Ask your child if they would like to cuddle or pat the baby. But if they say ‘no’, then don’t force it.
  • Avoid holding the baby when you first introduce them. Instead have the baby lie in the bassinet, so it frees you up to give your firstborn a hug if they need the extra support.

A nice idea is to give a ‘new big brother or new big sister’ gift from Mum and Dad. This makes them feel special. It’s also lovely when visitors bring a present for the older sibling (this can be something small like a book or treat), as well as the new bub to make them feel included.

If you’re stuck for gifting inspiration, pop into Golden Kids or have a shop in our online store.

And remember, although the first few months with two little ones can be exhausting and overwhelming, it’s all worth it as they will grow up having a friend for life.