Must haves for Mum and Baby

Written by Kellie Bates


Posted on July 05 2021

You got two lines, cue celebrations, and also planning those must-haves for mum and the new baby!

Being pregnant with your first bub is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming with the endless baby items and brands available.

Luckily for you, we’ve been there (and bought a few too many products that ended up in the ‘not used’ pile).

Here’s our go-to guide for some must-haves for mum when the time comes to consider new purchases for bub. Note we haven’t included the obvious items like a cot, change table, pram, car seat (you get the idea!).

Travel Change Mat

When you start venturing out and about, there’s bound to be a few nappy changes along the way.

A portable change mat keeps your precious bundle safe from germs wherever you happen to be changing them.

Our boutique stocks The Somewhere Co change Mats that are both stylish and practical.

It features a handy wrist strap and internal pocket to keep changing essentials, meaning you don’t have to take your whole bag out of the pram for a quick nappy change.

must haves for mum from the somewhere co
Photo credit: The Somewhere Co


Ok here’s the lowdown. There are SO many types of wraps available – muslin, jersey, bunny rugs and sleeping bags.

For swaddling a newborn, we recommend a jersey wrap as the material is stretchy and helps prevent little wrigglers from escaping!

A beautiful option is the Snuggle Hunny Kids boxed sets – the hard part is choosing what design to pick.

must haves for mum from snuggle hunny
Photo Credit: Snuggle Hunny Kids


Everyone has an opinion about dummies, but we suggest you look into it as an option in case you need one to help settle bub.

Not all dummies are created equal. One of our favourites is the Hevea Dummy. It’s made from 100% natural rubber, featuring unique ventilation holes and a solid design (which prevents bacteria).

Another stylish option are BIBS dummies that come in an array of on-trend colours.

A handy tip to remember is a dummy that works for one baby might not work for another – so try a couple of designs until you find one that your bub likes best.

must haves for mum from hevea dummy
Photo Credit: golden.flax (Instagram)

Breast Pump Milk Saver

Listen up Mamas – this is a GAME CHANGER!

Every drop of liquid gold counts when you’re pumping or breast feeding your little one.

A Milk Saver works by suctioning onto your breast (the alternate breast), catching any let down or excess breast milk that would otherwise go to waste. Our picks are the Haakaa breast bump or the is the Milky Goodness Breast Pump Milk Saver, both are made from soft silicone and require no assembly (plus they both include a spill proof lid).

must haves for mum milky goodness
Photo Credit: ohmywildhearts (Instagram)


As they say, the days go slow, but the years go fast.

In the whirlwind of changing nappies, feeding, burping and cuddles, we often forget to write down those special moments and little milestones. A journal is the perfect way to capture those memories before they are forgotten. We love the Raising You Journal by Write to Me.

must haves for mum journal
Photo credit: (Instagram)

Grab One of These Must Haves for Mum From Our Store

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